Nairobi Kenya

Joecalih is a Photographer from Nairobi Kenya. Being a portrait and commercial photographer, he has collaborated with great brands such as Samsung Kenya, Nikon, Hasselblad, Nivea, Coca cola and 1xBet where his art is spread through African Afro-futurism where he has sold great art work masterpiece of art pieces to great prominent people in Kenya.

Joecalih started photography in the Year 2015 when he was awarded by insider Ke for producing one of the best top cover images of High school experience of the people schooling in Kenyan high school through music festivals and drama sections showcasing the great change of art in Kenya. He has shown tremendous art work in the late couple of years through the year 2015 to the present time.
He was recognized by the deputy president when he took the best art of stopping the great famine experienced in Kenya in the year 2017 where he convinced people to help the Turkana people to get help from the photo project Mathina. Some of this art work can be found in the website page Joecalih Photography Projects.

Some of the great masterpiece photos are showcased in his social media accounts.
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