Photography has become part and puzzle of the daily like of the common Mwananchi in Kenya. Now we have many beginner photography companies and entities with studios around Nairobi Town. Joecalih is one of the best rated photography companies in Thika & Nairobi with a trending studio location well known to all photographers for cooperate uses. Today we are going to feature the best two methods that a person looking for a photography service should consider when looking for photographers to work with.

Google My Business

Google maps is one of the largest geographic tracking based application that you can find on every apps store. With the vast number of business registration, now people are able to locate different business entities around Nairobi through the app. Photograph services are also rendered on the platform and we have a large number of photography studio users who use Google maps for their business portfolio to reach out about the Photographer, Location & Services that the photographer renders.

Joecalih Photography is an example of such a broad Photography Service entity based in Nairobi Kenya CBD. They use Google Business as their business portfolio to showcase the type of Videography coverage services and also studio sections for Photography. Such adjustments in 2021 are the most relevant of all since now people can reach out faster to a business. The image below shows an idea of how google business for photography looks like.

Instagram DM

If you are looking for a platform to distinguish photography in Kenya then look no more because Instagram came to save the day. Now people are able to grasp lots of information from a photographer through Instagram and interact with them directly with calls and live video. Instagram is so underrated in 2021 while its the best applications where creativity is spread through photo sharing. Everyone is on Instagram and This can be a marketing platform for many creators. If you are looking for a professional photography section then Instagram is the way to go for choosing workflow and creativity in a Photographer.

Searching for Keywords on this platform can also land you on the most rated photography in Kenya. Such photography terms include Birthday Photography, Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography, Event Photography & Cooperate Photography. The above steps will help you to choose the best and right photography service around Nairobi Kenya. If you still find trouble with choosing one, We find Joecalih as the best one at the moment.

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