Photography in Kenya has gone a notch hire with the effort of some of the best photographers you can find in Town. Many emerging from Nairobi Kenya, their art is well appertained capturing some of the greatest moments in Kenyan history & culture. Today we highlight the best price winning Photographer in Kenya 2019 as fur as Landscape photography and portraiture art is considered.

1. Truth Slinger (Mutua Matheka )

Mutua Matheka is one of the best ever photographer in Kenyan history as his work is highly recognized by big brands such as East African breweries ( EABL ). He has over 20 billboards showcasing him taking landscape photos around Nairobi Town. You will be suprised to find that some of the Billboards around your location were some specific art created by mutua matheka. Below i have enough proof to show you why i consider him one of the best photographer in Kenya in 2019.
  • Best Landscape Photographer Of the Year ( Royal Media Services Project )
  • Test Selling art work of all times ( Flea Market Awards )
  •  Bake Awrds - Best Photographer in Kenya
  • Explore Kenya Contest. Most artistic photographer in Kenya
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2. Osborn Macharia  

Osborn Macharia the best Artist photographer in Kenya 2019 with a highly appreciated look of Afro-futurism widely explained through narratives that happen around Africa from time immemorial. He is the pot rated brand photographer with over 50 brand collaborations. Some of them being Safaricom telecommunication service well known in Kenya and Guines Brewery.  His project are highly valued through Wikipedia and Behave with both verified account. The Kabangu project with the most appreciated photos in Kenya for showing the Normal Kenya narrative of Kenyan Mwanainchi narrative. Soon he has a Mad-max narrative project that you have to look for soon. This is why Osborn Macharia is the Best Artist Photographer in 2019.
  •  Kenya Cannes Lion Award (2015)
  •  One Show Finalist (2016)
  •  Featured in Lurzers Archive 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide (2016 and 2018)
  •  Hasselbald Masters Finalist (2016)

Osborn Macharia Soclial Media.
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3. Joecalih ( Joseph Karanja )

Joecalih is the best portrait photographer and video director in Kenya 2019.
Best Artistic Photographers in Kenya 2021 5 of 5


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