Being a portrait photographer is one of the best experiences in life, to freeze moments that involves on human subjects. Portrait photography is huge with lots of work put into retouching and maintaining Skin tones. Today we cover what you have to do through photography to better your portrait portfolio. You have to know basic camera settings and photography skills to perfect. 

1. Color Theme

To get the audience attention in your photos, you need to have a unique color pallet or pattern that people relate to as your style. Color brings mood and graphical story recognition of what a photographer is trying to bring out of visuals. Some colors emphasize on mood and creativity which can help you gain recognition. Every photographer has his own style of art. 

Take for instance, a portrait photographer based on fashion would use vibrant color presets that bring out vivid colors for modern fashion. The same case happens to vintage look fashion where the colors are set to dull colors so that the photo brings back through back vibes. Use color themes to tell more about your story.

2. Use prime lenses

Separating human subjects from background brings the audience attention to the subject more better. Prime lenses range from wider angle to telephoto range where telephoto lenses blur more background and need large distance between the photographer and the subject. Most common portrait photography lenses are 50mm, 85mm & 105mm. 

Wide aperture that goes bellow f1.8 isolates the subject more better and hence this type of lenses compliment human subjects appearance. There are cheap prime lenses that range from 100$ that can give very nice photography results.

3. Retouching

Retouching is the best way to compliment human subject appearance on images. It has become one of the most used method in image manipulation and many photographers tend to overdo this. In 2021 Instagram added a policy to include whether a photo with human subject is manipulated. 

With basic Adjustments and simple retouching on a portrait photograph, you can correct details that contradict your style. I recommend every photographer to use retouching to improve their images. 

4. Use Photography Props

Many call them aesthetics and photography add-on. With materials that resemble a place or activities, you can add style to them. Using props such as flowers and old telephone booth stations can bring positive vibes to created image's. 

5. Moodboard

A portrait photographer should have different moodboard styles to work on as ideas of creativity. Such moodboard ideas include posses and locations that the photos will be taken and props to use as mentioned earlier. There is this idea that in portraiture, its the job of the photographer to bring the subject at ease and also give guidelines. 

Portrait photography follows the major rules and practices based on subject positions and materials with basic knowledge of lenses and camera equipment to help in 

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