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Get your photography game stepped up by using the best premium preset pack used by famous Instagram photographers. The 20+ Lightroom presets are free to download use with amazing skin tones. For beginners, we have a step to step way on how to use the Pro Lightroom Presets to make your photos pop in your feed. The presets have been crafted to the best of premium professional photography. Download them for free and learn how to use them in Lightroom. The listed below are the main color grade presets inside the preset pack.

Top Premium Lightroom Presets In The Preset Pack

1. Teal & Orange Lightroom Presets.
2. Orange and Aqua Ligtroom Presets.
3. Duotone Lightroom Presets
4. Fine adjustments Lightroom Presets.
5. Autumn Lightoom Presets.
6. HDR Lightroom Presets.
7. Portrait Mask Lightroom Presets.
8. Sam Kolder Lightoom Presets.
9. Peter McKinnon Lightroom Presets.
10. Neon Lightoom Presets.
11. Brandon Woelfel Lightroom Presets.
12. Landscape Pro Lightroom Presets.
13. Moody Lightroom Presets.
14. VSCO Lightroom Presets.
15. Cinematic Lightroom Presets.
16. Tropical Lightroom Presets.
17. Matte Black Lightroom Presets.
18. Read & Teal Lightroom Presets.
19. Kai Boet Lightroom Presets.
20. Mark Singerman Ligtroom Presets.

The above packs of Lightroom presets are featured n the pack. From the nice blending teal and orange which is the top color grade used by most Instagram photographers. This premium presets borrow some of the best 3D looks from Luts which are used to make cinematic films. Giving your photos a cinematic look with edits inspired by top photographers such as Brandon Woelfel & Mark Singerman can change the look of your pictures.

How To Install Lightroom Presets New

For beginners in Lightroom editing software, below is a step to step tutorial to add the lightroom presets in your Adobe Lightroom CC or CS6 software.
  • Download the Pro Lightroom Presets.
  • Unzip the Preset Pack ( Recommend Winrar ) 
  • Click on the preset you want to install
  • Click on Adobe Lightroom as the default preset opening software. 
  • On the dialog box click on Install.
  • Finally Restart the software.
You can install all the presets in the described way above but if you have a new Lightroom software you can just copy the files in lightroom presets directory.

Click the bellow download button to download the presets for free and step up your photography color grading skills today. If you like the looks of the presets leave a comment for future updates and collections. Sign up the newsletter plugin to receive more presents as soon as they are made available to the website.  


If you experience any complications with installing the Pro Lightroom presets, feel free to contact me your photographer Joecalih for one on one video tutorial for free.

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