Teal and Orange Lightroom Presets

Orange and teal in a flattering combination of colors in photography. Above 60% of photographers choose orange and teal color grading design on their images. Orange bring the skin tones of a photo to life while the teal color enhances the cold parts of the images. Today we have shared a zip download collection o well crafted Teal and Orange Lightroom presets to help increase your photography workflow. Download the Lightroom presets for free and follow the instructions to easily integrate the presets to your Lightroom CC program and also Lightroom mobile, Lets get started.

1. Urban Teal & Orange Lightroom Preset

This Lightroom presets transforms any urban photo to more cinematic tone with deep blues and orange looks. This preset can be used by landscape photographers to color-grade architecture photography backgrounds with cityscapes. The effect has deep contrasts to brings the best out of urban photography. The look alike to the brown and aqua Lightroom presets which can be used to achieve the look alike of this presets and you can go ahead and the two figure out which color suits your photography style.

2. Portraiture Orange & Teal Lightroom Preset

A large amount of photographer to-date venture on portrait photography as part of their main career. With this orange and teal preset you can bring the best out of your human subjects. The preset has been crafted to the professorial look of skintones and background colored subjects with optimum saturation to leave your portrait images looking stunning. Benefit from the less clarity to reduce blemishes and compliment your subject facial expressions. With this orange and teal preset, you can manage to have a professorial portrait photography look to your photos.

3. Creative Orange and Teal Lightroom Preset

With creative colors, your creativity photography is maxed out with a color pop from deep color patterns that accompany the orange and teal look. The Lightroom preset maxes the best out of the teal color on objects and scene backgrounds that gives your wide angle pictures a creative pop that resembles some HDR pop on your images. Incorporate the look on your images and experience a drastic change in your photos. This preset will definitely increase your workflow a whole new another level for all wide angle lenses and wide apertures.

4. Mobile ( DNG ) Orange and Teal Lightroom Preset

Get  Orange and Teal Lightroom Preset for you mobile Lightroom version. The preset has the same premium features as the PC Lightroom version. With more flexibility of the Lightroom mobile application, now you can carry your style and edit with the teal and orange preset on your phone by installing the DNG files in your Lightroom application. Download the preset for free and also learn how to add the preset to your phone.


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